The Original & Still The Best!

Every breeder tank comes with built-in Filtration. Don’t be fooled by imitations on our originals – insist on the best, but now cheaper!

Breeder Aquariums

Barlows Aquatic Trading are now introducing our newest aquarium range.

The new breeder tanks come in 11 sizes and have fully integrated sponge filtration.

They come all pre plumbed . All you need to do is connect to an air pump and drop in a heater.

Hover over or tap the images to see the sizes of each tank.


Sizes & Specifications

Breeder tanks are available in 9 sizes plus 2 grow out sizes.

The Intergrated HMF type air driven sponge filtration allows for massive physical filtration as well as providing a huge bacterial surface for biological filtration (air pump sold separately).

SizePrice (Single)Price (Deal)
16x9x8£19.992 for £35.00 Inc Plastic Lid
30 x 15 x 15 Flow Tank£139.99Includes flow Pump & Siporax
36 x 15 x 15 Grow Out Tank£114.99Includes twin air pump
48 x 15 ×15 Grow Out Tank.£137.99Includes twin air pump
24x9x18 Divided Breeder£55.00removable divier *without built in fillter